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Perusahaan : Excelitas Technologies

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Excelitas Technologies is a global technology leader focused on delivering innovative, high-performance, market-driven photonic solutions to meet the illumination, optronics, detection and optical technology needs of global customers. Serving a vast array of applications across biomedical, scientific, safety, security, consumer products, semiconductor, industrial manufacturing, defense and aerospace sectors, we stand committed to enabling our customers’ success in their end-markets.

We are behind the technology that powers your cell phone, preserves natural resources, protects troops and cures disease.

Our open-minded and passionate approach to everything we do gives meaning to our technology solutions – we want our forward-thinking ideas and concepts to come into fruition, and to contribute to something greater. Find out more about our photonics heritage.

Working at Excelitas Technologies gives each and every employee a sense of purpose – your role has real, tangible impacts in the world.

Our technology and our people allow us to approach each new project with confidence and precision. As a team that loves to be innovative, we are continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible!

Excelitas also has a strong focus on giving back – we want to contribute to communities and use our technology for the good. As an employer, and as employees, we strive to make Excelitas a model corporate citizen. Find out more by viewing our Corporate Responsibilities.

We strive to create an engaging workplace and positive work environment to enable the success of our company and our people.

Do you thrive in this type of environment? Do you like the challenges of a career where you have a real impact? Come join our team!

We are hiring:

Training Supervisor (Manufacturing)

Job Responsibilities:

  • Plan and schedule operators’ training, certification and recertification and coordinate with production on the training schedule
  • Develop and analyze training matrix to ensure effectiveness of training plan
  • Select and develop OJT Trainers to ensure full support for production operations
  • Work closely with related subject matter experts to prepare training material (e.g. training modules, training aids, notes)
  • Support operator selection and assignment with related department
  • Evaluate operator performances and provide appraisal reports during annual performance review & contract justification
  • Supervise day-to-day training administration in production line and ensure training documentations are provided accurately
  • Solve issues related with operator skill and performance and initiate continuous improvement accordingly
  • Ensure company regulations and occupational health/safety adhered to all training activities


  • Degree / Diploma in any major, preferred in Engineering
  • Exposure in manufacturing environment with past experiences as production training staff/supervisor.
  • Computer literacy, especially in Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint
  • Highly organized, independent, and good communication skills (verbally as well as written)
  • Good leadership skill, problem solving skill, and coaching skills

Why Work for Us

Excelitas Technologies is a great place to work.

We know that the work we do at Excelitas has a greater purpose. As technology innovators of the future, we push the boundaries of what is possible through international collaboration, trusted experience and a sense of purpose.

With 7,000 employees making up the Excelitas team, our pioneering solutions have benefitted industries such as Automotive, Consumer Products, Defense and Aerospace, Industrial Manufacturing, Medical, Safety and Security, and Sciences.

Our open-minded and passionate approach to everything we do gives meaning to our technology solutions – we want our forward-thinking ideas and concepts to come into fruition, and to contribute to something greater.

As an employer, we Engage with smart minds in order to maintain a creative and empowering work environment. We Enable our employees by providing the tools and resources that allow them to reach their full potential. Finally, we Excel in what we do and we reward hard work.

At Excelitas, you are how we Excel.


Education : DEGREE

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Lokasi : Batam, Kepulauan Riau

Tanggal : Thu, 23 Dec 2021 05:15:29 GMT

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