Lowongan Kerja : Environment Performance & Monitoring Officer

Perusahaan : Sinar Mas

Deskripsi Pekerjaan : 1. Preparing letter to the Ministry of LHK as guidance letter to BLH for documents o new plantation, new mill or AMDAL addendum on mill capacity expansion, plantation expansion, operational change of mill and plantation, AMDAL consultant evaluation, and supervision and revision for environmental permits (IPLH, LA, LB3) in accordance with the scope of the company and related regulatory provisions based on AMDAL consultant’s recommendation as well as assisting data collection and submission to the Provincial / District government
2. Preparing technical recommendations and resumes of Government regulations tthe EPM Region Staff for technical assistance to the Unit in fulfilling the environmental requirements of the Certification Standards and in the implementation of IL / IPLH (LA and LB3 Permit) as in the preparation of TPS LB3 waste control facility, spray equipment wash facility, fuel warehouse, chemical warehouse, waste control at workshop, LB3 control, medical waste, emission control as well as providing environmental training in accordance with government regulations and ISPO / RSPO / ISCC, ISO 14001 Standards.
3. Conducting inspection to the Unit in the form of internal audit compliancof AMDAL implementation and environmental management such as liquid waste pool conditions, control of hazardous and toxic Waste (LB3), LA condition, LA bed maintenance, factory housekeeping and pesticide packaging control, air emission, boilers emission control, generators, vehicles from factory and plantation processes, and other wastes in gardens and factories.
4. Proposing budget and regular environmental monitoring plan (technical aspectand cost aspects) in accordance with the results of the accredited and registered environmental laboratory tender in KLHK for conducting surface water (river) testing, LA monitor well, control well, emission test, ambient in plantation and community, boiler and genset test, clean water test, and soil test for 45 mills, 218 estates, 5 KCPs, 10 bulkings.
5. Arranging RKL RPL report for all mill, plantation, and bulking in All PT GAR to KLHK and documenting data for preparing GAR Sustainability Report
6. Conducting PROPER internal audit, documents preparation, and refutation PROPER audit result to KLHK in order not to get red or black PROPER to PROPER as well as making recommendation to the EPM Region Staff member in improving the result of Monitoring Verification Visit and providing assistance to operational units on certification audit (ISPO, RSPO, ISCC), permits (AMDAL, LA, LB3), and environmental management and monitoring.

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Perkiraan Gaji :

Lokasi : Jakarta

Tanggal : Thu, 09 Dec 2021 00:25:30 GMT

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