Lowongan Kerja : Technical Expert, Solo, Jumbo & Commando Maintenance

Perusahaan :

Deskripsi Pekerjaan : This position provides the resource necessary to oversee Solo, Jumbo and Commando drill fleet management in the underground mines. Will provide technical and specialist knowledge to critical equipment for the underground operation.

Additional Responsibilities:

-Assist, oversee and train mechanics in the proper methods of hydraulic drill maintenance.
-Plan and schedule hydraulic drill maintenance, PM and repairs.
-Inspect and develop courses of action to maintain drill fleet.
-Monitor and control budgets with regard to Solo, Jumbo and Commando drill fleets.
-Liaise with drill OEM’s to ensure equipment is maintained to standards and issues are resolved.
-Achieve budgeted costs and availabilities on Solo, Jumbo and Commando drill fleets.
-Institute programs that advance Solo, Jumbo and Commando drill mechanics knowledge and skills.
-Handle in-field repairs with assistance of National mechanics.
-Work with Operations to advance operator skill levels through timely feedback.
-Incorporate continuous improvement programs to lower costs and improve drill fleet performance.
-Provide on job training to mechanics and develop supervisors and senior staff on drill maintenance practices.
-Develop maintenance procedures and practices to maximize fleet availability.


-Trade certification or equivalent with a minimum of seven (7) years of underground maintenance experience.
-Extensive experience in equipment maintenance with formal training from OEM’s.
-Hydraulic drill operating and maintenance experience.
-Hydraulics skills (Advanced)
-Failure Analysis skills (Intermediate)
-Equipment Maintenance skills (Advanced)
-Welding skills (Basic)
-Auto-electrical skills (Intermediate)
-Concern for Safety and Environment – Reflects an underlying drive to create safety-working environment or prevent accidents in the surrounding environment.
-Achievements Orientation – Highly oriented in achieving targets and improving performance; creates own measures of excellence, scrupulous in ensuring accuracy of work.
-Analytical Thinking – Must be able to see multiple relationships in complex problems.
-Customer Service Orientation – Must have the ability to maintain clear communication, respond to requests in a friendly manner, correct problems promptly and keep the right people informed about progress of requests.
-Cultural Sensitivity – Must possess a personal and professional value system, which respectfully recognizes individual differences in ideas, lifestyles, professional orientation, and work style based on their culture.
-Conflict Resolution – Must possess the ability to handle situations where disagreements are common and be able to make a case for one’s point of view.
-Change Leadership – Possess the ability to energize and alert groups to the need for specific changes in the way.
-Conceptual Thinking – Possess the ability to identify patterns or connections between situations that are not obviously related and to identify key or underlying issues in complex situations. This includes using creative, conceptual, or inductive reasoning.
-Impact & Influence – Demonstrate the ability to persuade, convince, influence, or impress others, in order to get them to go along with or to support the agenda at hand.
-Fluent in English (oral and written) and willing to learn Bahasa.

Preferred Equipment Experience

-Jumbo Axera 6,7 and 8 fleet
-Jumbo DD422I dual control and DD422I platinum
-Jumbo DD321
-Solo 7-15C
-Solo DL 431-7V
-Solo DL432I
-Cabolter DS421
-Commando 120E
-Commando 302R


-Copper Overseas Service Company (“COSCO”) promotes a drug/ alcohol free work environment through the use of mandatory pre-employment drug testing and on-going random drug testing as per applicable Company Standards
COSCO has reviewed the jobs at its various office and operating sites and determined that many of these jobs include tasks or duties that could affect the safety or health of the employees performing these tasks or others. Accordingly, the Company has designated the following positions as safety-sensitive:

-Positions within COSCO which are held by employees who receive Safety Training; or
-Positions within COSCO which are held by employees who operate equipment or motor vehicles in furtherance of performing their COSCO job duties, including operating motor vehicles while on Company business or travel (for this purpose “motor vehicles” includes Company owned or leased motor vehicles and personal motor vehicles used by employees in furtherance of Company business or while on Company travel)

Benefits: Begin first day of employment

-Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance
-Relocation assistance/Ex-Pat incentives

COSCO is an equal opportunity employer

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