Lowongan Kerja : Settlement Analyst

Perusahaan : Xendit

Deskripsi Pekerjaan : The Role

  • The Settlement team is a brand new team created to work closely with and be under the Finance & Accounting team to help understand unreconciled items that arise following automated reconciliations of Xendit transactions, which in total is several million per month
  • In addition, the team will also work closely with the Finance Automation team to ensure that new business lines are automated, that data is available and correct, and help drive improvement of the reconciliation process
  • The team itself will sit under Finance & Accounting, taking the output of the finance automation and reviewing the unreconciled transactions and deep diving in order to reconcile the transaction by investigating the ledger data and the bank account data . Once all avenues have been exhausted into why the transaction’s cannot be reconciled, it will be escalated to the finance team in order to make a decision to write-off or not
  • Ultimately, the team is responsible for assisting the finance team to be ready for audit; being able to explain every single bank transaction and matching it to our internal ledger, and if there is a variance to explain why
  • Finally, the team will be responsible for documenting and creating SOPs into the recon process and how/when to escalate to the finance team


  • Actively reconcile audit results data
  • Actively and completely check customer bank balance data with customer ledger data for unreconciled line items accuracy
  • For those identified unreconciled items, investigate the root cause by following the transaction trail
  • Analyze and uncover root causes of unreconciled transactions
  • Record and track incidents that impact ledger third party reports reconciliation
  • Establish a tracker of incidents that impact financial audit results
  • Be available for identification of incident impact to financial audit results
  • Track and measure the impact of the incidents
  • Summarize the impact details monthly
  • Providing analysis between for Recon Automation and Finance & Accounting
  • Summarize findings of unreconciled items based on product-channel responsibility area
  • Understand the accounting concepts for financial audits
  • Coordinate with Finance & Accounting team on how to handle unreconciled items
  • Coordinate and establish processes with Recon Automation team to introduce scalable identification of unreconciled items in the future
  • Plan and establish sense checking layers in the reconciliation process between internal teams
  • Working together with PMs to improve reconciliation logic
  • Keep track of the edge cases
  • Come up with potential solutions for the edge cases
  • Propose improvements of reconciliation logic
  • Do whatever it takes for Xendit to succeed


  • Have great attention to detail
  • Have knowledge of Finance and Accounting concepts and the impact both teams have on the financial results of the company
  • Have an investigative and independent mindset for tackling individual work
  • Effectively manage multiple priorities while maintaining a high quality of work
  • Comfortable working with large datasets and numbers, basic Excel skills is a must
  • Adept and has experience in writing SQL queries for use on data platforms
  • Summarizes and communicates number heavy results well to multiple stakeholders

What we’re looking for


  • Junior to Mid level of 2 or more years experience

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Lokasi : Jakarta

Tanggal : Tue, 01 Feb 2022 00:38:20 GMT

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